September 19, 2020

5 Best Positions For Anal Sex


Whether people think it will hurt, may be ricky, or just are afraid to try it, there are lots of people who have never had anal sex — and lots of others who swear it’s amazing. So, if you are going to give it a try, how do you make sure it’s awesome?


“Remember the basic insight of anal: In anal intercourse, the one who’s being penetrated calls the shots (when and if, how fast and hard, etc.). This allows them to relax enough (along with lube) to have a comfortable and ideally pleasurable experience,” says Carol Queen, Ph.D.Good Vibrations staff sexologist.


Here are 5 position where you can what position choose for anal sex



This is one of the things to consider in choosing positions for anal. “It means that if someone is body-stressed from a complicated Kama Sutra pose, it’ll be harder to relax. Ditto, often, if their partner’s weight is on them so that they can’t move at all,” says Queen.


“So if the couple in question generally likes the missionary position, for anal, use the variation where the insertee’s legs are up over the inserter’s arms or shoulders because that will allow the insertee more freedom of movement and the ability to communicate clearly about when they’re ready and when they want their partner to hold on, slow down, or stop,” says Queen. A nice pillow nest to lean into is good here, too.


If the insertee is comfortable being on top, any of the “astride” positions, including “reverse cowgirl” (or cowboy), are good, Queen says. Some don’t like to be on top because it’s harder to relax anally when holding your own weight up (also, bad knees). Others love it: lots of room to move.


Getting Started

“If she is an anal sex beginner, start by positioning her on top first, facing you, where she’ll have the most control. Be sure she’s breathing deeply through the initial sensation of insertion and encourage her to continue relaxing. Eye contact is key here to assure her — also, ask her questions about her comfort level & pleasure as you begin to move together. Add in a c-spot vibrator to help her move toward an orgasm — but don’t go racing toward any kind of quick thrusting,” says sex expert Dana Myers.


“Let her get used to the feeling and then she can move against you in a way that feels right to her (remember, that’s why she’s on top this time!). Once you’ve tapped into the pleasure of anal sex together, try the same woman-on-top position, but with her facing your feet. She’ll still have the physical control over insertion, but you’ll add in the intense visual stimulation of seeing her derriere.’


  1. Side Spoon

“I recommend a side spoon, as it takes the pressure off of both bodies, and also allows for both people to move. This is also a great position for clitoral stimulation as well, which I always suggest for anal play,” says Jessica Drake, a sex educator, and a Wicked Pictures contract star.


  1. Cowgirl

“Another great position can be a cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, placing the person on top in charge of the depth and speed of thrusting. It also makes for a great visual, and again, it can provide for possible clitoral stimulation,” says Drake.


  1. Missionary

“Missionary is my favorite position for anal. You can adjust the angle of your pelvis to make sure you are comfortable,” says >Casey Calvert, an adult performer and the BDSM & fetish expert for adult e-tail site


  1. Backdoor Planking

Sex expert Tyomi Morgan, who recently made a YouTube video of her favorite anal sex positions, recommend this position where the female partner lies on her stomach (add a few pillows underneath her pelvis for leverage) and the male partner straddles her to position his pelvis right near her bum. “For women with larger booties, the male partner will have to spread the cheeks a bit to find the entry point into the anus. This position is non-threatening and creates a comfortable entry for both partners,” she says.


  1. Curled Spoon

“I find the curled spoon position, where my husband is behind me and we are both lying on our sides a great way for him to enter me. It’s hot, I can feel his arms around me and it helps me to relax for penetration. As well, it’s great to be able to feel his body against mine and the angle means he can pace it slowly, providing awesome friction and creating the perfect tension to prime me for my peak,” says Beck Robertson, the author of paranormal erotic romance novel Blood Hunger, recently released by Totally Bound Books.


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