August 7, 2020

Betfair Football Trading: An Overview Of The Main Methods

A horse race or a game of soccer are examples of sports events where Betfair trading methods are often applied, allowing you to “back” or “lay” the results of such events working in enormously liquid markets often consisting of many millions of pounds.

Backing and laying is usually applied together each time you assume a movement in the price towards the positive direction which in the end means a profit, assuming you backed and laid correctly of course! This may be compared to buying something then selling it for a higher price in the event that its market value goes up. The chances available on a sports trading event are the same as the market value for a commodity, and the prices move in much the same way.

Trading exchanges like Betfair or Betdaq are the only sites where buying and selling the outcome of a sporting event is possible, while using back and lay functions on the exchanges. ข่าวบอล So it goes without saying that sports trading exchanges need both buying and selling of trades within a specific event to create the fundamental working of an ‘exchange’.

Depending upon the likelihood an event resulting in a certain outcome, backing odds are always higher than laying odds; and these two sides of a trade can be taken in either order, just as with any trade of any commodity.

Betfair trading as a full time career is totally different from hobby trading which many people are involved in since the inception of these trading exchanges. Professional betfair trading is quite complex and is very hard to master fully. Bots and software have already been developed to help simplify the often complex process of entering and exiting trades.

You should be aware of the existence of individuals and even companies who manipulate the markets just as happens on the world’s financial markets, utilizing spoof money. This phrase refers to trades which are entered, usually very large trades, simply with the intention of spooking the markets and other traders into jumping on board a trade. Just as with commodity trading or financial trading, large funds suddenly entering a market in either a buy or sell direction can have the result of making other traders quickly follow the big money, in the hope they are onto a winner. However with spoof money, it disappears as quickly as it arrived and you are left exposed to a position you had no rational reason for taking, hence why professional traders are well-versed in such matters and don’t fall for it, or at least shouldn’t fall for it anyway!

It is actually quite hard to identify spoof money until you have a few years experience, but when you notice an abrupt increase in the amounts being placed in the market (either back or lay) only to vanish after some time, then that is the most obvious tell-tale sign to look out for. Such positions are taken with real money however the trader who placed it in the market only meant to use it for the effect it has on scaring others concerned, rather than as a genuine trade he intended to see through to the outcome of the event in question.

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